Course details


  • Combating failure in education, reducing early school leaving
  • Pedagogy and didactics
  • Science, maths, geography, environment (STEM)
  • Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

Key competences

  • Digital
  • Foreign language
  • Learning to learn
  • Maths, science and technology


  • To raise awareness among participants towards a change in pedagogical strategy in the Mathematics approach like the concept development of number, operations with numbers and the reading and understanding of numerical data in their multiple representations.
  • Share didactic practices that materialize this new pedagogical strategy associated with each sensor study (Temperature, Light, Movement/Speed, Sound, Pressure, Weight and Hearth Rate).
  • Embedding of specific technology (sensors) in classroom activities with focus in the students’ autonomous learning capabilities.
  • Spreading of the methodology of observation and interpretation of the physical world with sensor technology.
  • Empowerment teachers with information literacy competences which integrate the investigation, reading and evaluation of data, as well as its operation and analysis within individual and group activities.
  • Development of positive attitudes regarding numbers and Mathematics by using engaging and stimulating new pedagogical practices.
  • Design, development and assessment of teachers learning challenges within the context of the course.