School & Family: a constructive relationship that contributes to the prevention of school dropout

To prevent early school leaving and promote success schools need to develop strategies and activities that involve teachers, parents and pupils. A profitable relationship between school and family can lead to a common objective, namely how to help children learn, become good and responsible individuals and successful citizens.

The cooperation between schools and families is recognized as an efficient way to help the students to get better results at school, develops a positive attitude towards the school as an institution and improves the quality of family life.

Schools, which policy includes the engagement of parents are much more effective, but it is also important to be aware that cooperation between these two institutions is not always an easy process.

The objective of this training course is to introduce the participants with effective strategies of cooperation between school and family, as for example programmes for parental training, to enhance the role of parental education as a way of building bridges between the two institutions, school and family, promoting greater academic success, and, implement and disseminate parental programs. These programs have been implemented in schools and are aimed mainly to contribute to greater parental involvement in the learning process, promote the well-being of families, prevent risky behaviours, promote school success and prevent school dropout.

The duration of the course is 7 days. For Full Pack the price is 980€ (includes course fee, accommodation in Hotel Eurosol with breakfast, all lunches at school, four dinners and all cultural activities). This amount can be fully covered via an Erasmus+ grant provided by your National Agency. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any help you might need for your application.

Those who don´t want the full pack will have to book for Hotel and will have free time when the others are in Cultural activities on day two and day four. The price for this pack is 600€ (includes course fee, all lunches at school, two dinners and visit to castle and MIMO museum).


The main aspect of the course is to promote collaboration between participants. Lessons will be held in our labs and all around the city as the main objective is to learn while having fun. Our approach is to base the teaching process in practical rather than theoretical knowledge. The course is designed to learn from the practice. All trainers are experienced in European projects and in implementing digital competencies.