About Us

The Competence Centre “Entre Mar e Serra” (CCEMS) is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Education (MoE) which, since 1998, has been promoting innovative projects in the educational field with special focus on ICT. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of Portuguese schools (as well as Portuguese schools settled abroad). The developed projects may be viewed in the project timeline.

The CCEMS is based in the Teacher Training Centre of the Learning and Cooperation Network (CFRCA)  founded in 1998. This is a public entity, legally certified for the training of teachers and school staff and it ensures the scientific quality (  of the provided courses)  and its certification. These two institutions organize several events in the area of Leiria which hundreds of teachers from across Portugal attend each year. Here are some examples:

“Pink Frog” is a CCEMS partner company devoted to technology, training and event management, and it ensures the support platforms for the courses, the cultural programmes, the room and boarding procedures and all the required procedures so that you may experience an excellent stay  in Portugal. Due to the complexity of all the requirements involving your stay and all the necessary means to the courses (which we want to be at a level of excellence) they are published with the PIC (915586008) of that company.

The courses will be delivered by trainers with high academical qualifications (most of them with a Masters or a Doctors Degree) but, all of them with a huge experience in working with teachers and students. Their experience in international exchange projects is also a plus in their careers.

Portugal and the CCEMS await for your visit!